Tina's Collection

Welcome To Tina's Collection. My mom, Tina, as many of you know is a huge part of Calico's Boutique. She helps with ideas, behind the scenes, the buying process, and so much more. We wanted to come up with a fun and exciting way for her to show off her amazing style that she always has had so we created Tina's Collection. All of the styles you see in this collection have been handpicked by her. She loves unique pieces, ruffles, lace, flowy, and comfortable! This expansion of Calico's lets us be more versatile by showing pieces that are modeled by both Tina and Erica, allowing you to see how women of different ages and body types can style pieces in their own way. My mom is so special to all of us and I couldn't do this without her! We hope you love this collection as much as we do! *Tina is usually a size large in tops and likes her fit looser.*